SociJel – Your Online Marketing Agency!

SociJel – Your Online Marketing Agency!

Need help improving your online marketing and social media strategies? Have a little chat with us! We are an online marketing agency based in Capelle, close to Rotterdam. We are active in the Netherlands and active for several international organizations.

Why reaching out to us?

Online marketing is essential, yet sometimes difficult to employ by small businesses and entrepreneurs because of the lack of knowledge or time available. We help these organizations and people by providing consultancy reports and active support through social media takeovers, social media analysis, copywriting and website design. We also help companies to create visual online content through photography and videography projects.

Our goal?

Our goal? Your goal! We have a flexible mindset and are actively listening to your wishes, goals and concerns. After that, we propose several strategies that can be applied in order to reach your goals. Collaboratively, we will do our utter best in order to reach these online marketing goals! During our trajectory, we will critically evaluate steps made during the process, determine what went right and wrong and work towards a better strategy!

What have we done, and what are we doing?

Since being founded in 2017, we have done a lot of inspiring project for multiple start-ups, entrepreneurs, companies and non-profit organizations. For instance, we have helped Stichting Jarige Job, a Dutch non-profit organization, with taking pictures and recording videos for their social media, whereas we have developed and executed a social media strategy for Bodytec Claudia, a young sports organization in Cpaelle aan den Ijssel. Additionally, we have done multiple personal branding tasks, such as creating professional LinkedIn profile pictures, or developing a strong and coherent job resume for clients.

What can we do more?

A lot. We are constantly striving for innovations and trying to learn ourselves new things. As of lately, we have been strongly involved in Website-design through HTML-, CSS- and PHP-coding. We have also contributed to a lot of graphic design projects, and we are learning!

To make things concrete: Even though our major focus is currently on online marketing, advertising, Search Engine Optimization, you can always ask us if we can help you out on short other tasks!


We are always open for a nice conversation! You can reach us by e-mail ( Don’t hesitate to call us to 06-14970933. And don’t forget to take a look at our social media channels.

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