We’re SociJel. We want to brighten up your marketing game.


let us introduce ourselves:

We are SociJel, a creative marketing agency based in the Netherlands. Based in Capelle, close to Rotterdam, we help entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow online.

We value your business activities

And we know that marketing, at times, can be a difficult and time-consuming activity. Therefore, we offer entrepreneurs online marketing advice and support.

We think online marketing is important:

Here’s why,

With online media, you can show your own personal or corporate brand to the world. Keep in mind that there are more than 3.6 billion people using social media worldwide. That is a massive amount you could reach, and there is a high chance that your audience uses these media as well.

However, we understand that creating online visibility is difficult.

­Entrepreneurs lack sufficient time to invest in social media marketing.

­Entrepreneurs do not have experience in creating online visibility.

­Entrepreneurs do not know what content they should create.

Need help improving your online marketing and social media strategies? Have a little chat with us! We are an online marketing agency based in Capelle, close to Rotterdam. We are active in the Netherlands and active for several international organizations.

How can we improve your online identity?

It requires time and effort to market your business and your services. However, we are happy to help you out. We offer the following services:

Social Media Marketing – Creating an online brand

SociJel Marketing and Communicatie is mainly focussed on helping other people out with their social media strategies.

  • Social Media consults – If you are unexperienced in social media marketing and willing to learn more about using Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels, we offer social media consults. Together, we will look at how you can use your social media channels to a better extent
  • Content creation – If you do not have enough time for focussing on creating social media content, we can help you out. We will run your social media channels and provide you with detailed social media reports
  • Social Media Advertising – We can help you with creating tailored advertisements for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

SEO – We help you rank your website on Google

Want to get your websites higher in the Google rankings? We help you by doing the following:

  • Making sure your website is SEO proof by editing content and checking out technical aspects of your website
  • Creating new content such as website pages and blogs
  • Boosting your website through Search Engine Advertising

Copywriting, Photography, Videography – We create stuff

We are also open to short-term projects in which we create textual, visual or audiovisual content

  • Copywriting – We write texts suitable for websites, flyers, and more
  • Photography – We have cameras. And we are creative.
  • Videography – We can also help you out on shooting and/or editing video content.

Why we help

Online marketing is essential. Yet, it is difficult to employ by entrepreneurs because of the lack of knowledge or time available. We help them by providing social media consults and active support through content creation, SEO and copywriting. We also help companies to create visual online content through photography and videography projects.

Our goal? Your goal! We have a flexible mindset and we actively listen to your wishes, goals and concerns. After that, we propose several strategies that can be applied in order to reach your goals. Collaboratively, we will do our utter best in order to reach these online marketing goals! During our trajectory, we will critically evaluate steps made during the process, determine what went right and wrong and work towards a better strategy!

What have we done, and what are we doing?

Since being founded in 2017, we have done a lot of inspiring project for multiple start-ups, entrepreneurs, companies and non-profit organizations. For instance, we have helped Stichting Jarige Job, a Dutch non-profit organization, by taking pictures and recording videos for their social media. We also have developed and executed a social media strategy for Bodytec Claudia, a young sports organization in Cpaelle aan den Ijssel. Additionally, we have done multiple personal branding tasks, such as creating professional LinkedIn profile pictures, or developing a strong and coherent job resume for clients.


We are always open for a nice conversation! You can reach us by e-mail (contact@socijel.com). Don’t hesitate to call us to 06-14970933. And don’t forget to take a look at our social media channels.