Boost your Creativity to create high-quality Marketing content

We all know that feeling, right?

That creativity rut or writer’s block that sneaks into your brain. Preventing you from creative thinking and creating high-quality content for Marketing purposes.

What results is a stream of poor to mediocre content on your website and social media profiles no one bothers to read or engage with — or even worse: You create no content at all. Not creating content because you fail to get your ideas on paper. Not publishing content because you’re afraid it’s not good enough.

No one deserves to experience the things mentioned above. Because I believe there hides creative talent in everyone. And yes, it sucks to be unable to create good content as result of not feeling creative. But I can help you with that.

Can I share with you my six-step creativity plan? I’m applying this plan for creating all my content. Actually, I’m also using this plan for learning new things from others, so that I can teach these to others at a later stage.

So here it goes: The LOTPEP-plan. The anagram LOTPEP has no meaning. But the plan itself does:

Start at step one, finish at step six. And repeat. Over and over again. The key path to creativity is all about producing and teaching (phase 4-6), and consuming and learning (phase 1-3). And you have to switch between these two phases from time to time.

You know: this is how creating effective Marketing content works: It’s about the information you consume, the things you learn, and the social media posts from consumers and brands you observe.

These help you generate, gather and repurpose ideas for creating content for your own business.

Seriously. Go try it out. Read one of your favourite books for an hour and then get back to me. I bet you: even most abstract book can help you generate concrete ideas for your Marketing plan.

I’d love to help you finding your rainbow road to creativity too. Because who doesn’t want to consistently create content that’s not only worth posting, but also sharing?

So are you in? Send me a mail at or send me a WhatsApp message (06-14970933). And I’ll schedule a 60 minute 1-on-1 session with you to discuss about the ins and outs of Creative thinking for Marketing Purposes.

I’d love to speak to you soon!

Jelle Postma, Founder and CEO of SociJel.