A Marketing hackathon every Nonprofit should attend

Nonprofits, Marketers, make sure to login on Twitter tomorrow. This Tuesday September 28 (6PM ET), Christina Garnett (link to Twitter profile) hosts a free Nonprofit Marketing brainstorm session on Twitter Spaces.

Nonprofits are encouraged to bring their marketing questions and problems. Marketers are encouraged to bring their ideas, creativity and knowledge to answer these questions and solve these problems.

What is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is a Live Social Audio feature developed by Twitter. Spaces is quite similar to Clubhouse. You’re able to join Space sessions as a listener or as a speaker.  

What will the Nonprofit hackaton be like?

The session starts on Tuesday September 28 at 6 PM ET (3 PM PT; Wednesday September 29, 12 AM CET).

Nonprofits are encouraged to join as speakers and share their Marketing questions and problems. Then, Christina invites marketers to give advice and help. The event will last an hour.

Who should attend this Twitter Space session?


Are you working for a Nonprofit? And are you somebody, or do you know somebody who is responsible for the Organization’s Marketing Strategy? Make sure to attend this live audio session.

What you’ll get:


If you consider yourself as a someone full of creative Marketing ideas, request speaker access during the Twitter Space session. Your ideas, suggestions and answers will help every Nonprofit Organization!  

How can I attend the Twitter Space session?

To attend the Nonprofit Marketing hackathon on Twitter, make sure to follow Christina Garnett (@ThatChristinaG) on Twitter. Before the event starts, Christina will tweet the link of the Audio event. This tweet includes a purple gradient box. If you are following Christina, you’ll see her event appear at the top of your Twitter timeline (purple circle) once the event has started.

You can also ask Twitter to tell you when the event is about to start.

If you want to learn more about how Twitter Spaces work, check this how-to guide created by Twitter and this how-to guide created by Hootsuite

Do I need a Twitter account to follow the Space Session?

You don’t need a Twitter account in order to follow a Twitter Spaces Audio Room. However, if you aren’t logged in as a Twitter user, you will not be able to join the conversation as a speaker. This means that you will not be able to ask any questions or give any answers during the Audio session.

If you aren’t a Twitter user, and still want to attend this Twitter Space session, click on the following link right before the Twitter Space event starts: Christina Garnett (@ThatChristinaG) / Twitter

Why should I need a Twitter account?

If you’re logged in as a Twitter user, you’ll be able to set reminders for Twitter Spaces Events. You’ll also be able to join the conversation as a speaker.

After the Twitter Space Room has ended, you can continue the conversation about Non-Profit Marketing on Twitter, by following and interacting with other Marketers who have attended the session.

Why do Marketers need to have a Twitter account?

Twitter is a useful platform for Marketers. They use Twitter to learn about the newest Marketing trends and developments, and to connect with Marketers from around the entire world. I’ve wrote an article about why Marketers love Twitter