Jelle Postma, Online Marketing Creative

Hi all, nice to meet you.

I’m Jelle Postma, 22 years old, ex-student Communication and Media (Bsc., MA), and a creative marketing mind.

From September 2020 to February 2021, I worked full time as Marketing Assistant for O.J. Beer and Recoverite.

Unfortunately, I’ll lose my job due to COVID-19, so it’s time to move on and focus on new freelance or full-time opportunities.

This is what I’m working on:

So – what do I actually do? It’s always a long and difficult story to tell my friends and family so I’ll keep it short here.

I’m experienced in Social Media Marketing, Photography, SEO and creative thinking. And currently I am working on sparkling my copywriting skills. Maybe i’ll learn another language too.

With my skills, I am able to create social media content, ads, blogs, website pages, pictures and videos. And give me an idea, and I’ll present you 100 other ideas.

I’ve been busy doing:

Let’s connect

I love to connect with like-minded people to discuss about the sense and nonsense of marketing. Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn and let’s talk!

Sometimes, I write blogs.