I observe, take notes and I produce. Thus I learn.

Hi there, welcome you to my page.

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So you’ve likely visited this page because you want to know more about me. So I’ll tell you that. I’m Jelle Postma. I’ve seen the sun go round for 22 times and during the last two sun Merry-go-rounds I got my Bachelor in Communication and Media, my Master in Media and Business, I got and lost my job. Now I’m unemployed. Welcome to the Marketing world, my friend.

But I’m not sitting still. Because I want to grow, learn, and improve. I am a passionate Marketer, and I want to be a better one.

Over the last couple of years, Mister Market has taught me that he never sits still. He quickly goes from one point to another and he takes Consumers, Companies and Trends with him. In easier words: The Market continues to change. At a fast pace.

To get a grip on that, I have learned that I must always learn. And you learn by consuming and creating.

From the time I started as a Marketer, I immediately joined Twitter,

Now, during my ‘off-time’, I’m more engaged with the Marketing community than ever before. I read books (my teenage self would be shocked), I engage with like-minded people, I read articles, I observe case studies, I listen to podcasts and social audio (Twitter Spaces), and — a weird habit, I know — I often take my bike to cycle through the city to watch all the print ads that encounter me.

And I take notes. I take notes everytime I’m consuming useful things.

And then I pick up the notes I’ve taken, and I turn them into content, like

In the process of observing, learning, taking notes, and then turning my observations into content, I learn. And that’s what I’d love to do for the following Sun ‘Merry-go-rounds’ I’ll be able to see.

Some notable things I’ve done

Noteworthy things I am currently doing: