Jelle Postma — An ever-curious, creative and enthusiastic Content Marketer.

And as I grow, I want to help other individuals and companies grow too. I’m open to Marketing jobs!

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My now

While looking for fulltime Marketing jobs, I’m currently building my online personal brand. Concretely, I have:

  • Grown my Twitter profile to 1600+ followers, a monthy reach of 431K, and many strong relationships with Marketers.
  • Worked on my LinkedIn profile, growing it to 500 followers.
  • Posted 59 blogs on this website, bringing in 1900+ visitors, 4300+ visits in 2021
  • Launched a weekly newsletter that distills Marketing insights, trends and threads.

By being active on LinkedIn and Twitter, I’m improving my Copywriting, Content Writing and Community Building skills.

Right now, I also have taken on a few Freelance projects: I create content and build marketing strategies for a few entrepreneurs.

My past

In 2019, I got my International Bachelor in Communication and Media at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2020, I got my Master of Arts in Media and Business at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

In 2017, I launched my own business, with the purpose of giving entrepreneurs, small companies, and NPOs Marketing Support. This way, I could put the knowledge I gained from university into practice. It also was a great way to start building my portfolio.

In 2018, I followed a Marketing and Communication Internship at a Dutch NPO. From September 2020 to February 2021, worked as Marketing Assistant, being responsible for the Social Media Marketing Strategies of O.J. Beer and Recoverite.

My Skills:

Thanks to my past and present, I know how to:

  • Sustainably create, edit, publish and repurpose content
  • Create social media posts and articles that resonate with the needs and interests of target groups
  • Optimize content for readibility, shareability and SEO
  • Build and manage communities online
  • Use tools like Hootsuite, Mangools, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Asana, Facebook Ad Manager,

My Brags:

  • For O.J. Beer, I wrote a Hard Seltzer blogpost , that made people aware of O.J. Beer’s newest drink. This post ranked first page on Google for the keyword ‘Hard Seltzer Europe’
  • For Recoverite, I built relationships on social media with Blackburn Rovers and Adelaide United, which improved Recoverite’s reach, engagement, follower count and brand identity.
  • Thanks to my contributions on Twitter and LinkedIn, I have landed a few freelance opportunities.
  • In the second week of 2022, I built a page that showcases Marketing podcasts, chats and webinars. This page has brought in 126 views after just one week.

My future

I have the knowledge, creativity, skills and the enthusiasm — and I have a lot to learn. That’s why I’m looking for a fulltime Content Marketing or Social Media Marketing position at a company, where I can gain experience, try out new things, and become a better Marketer.

My personal hobbies

I love traveling and photography! On my personal Instagram profile I’m combining both passions.

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