Jelle here! Let’s Tell something about myself

Hi there, I’m Jelle Postma! I’m a 23 y/o Content Creator and Marketer from the Netherlands. I’m an avid learner and note-taker.

With my knowledge and experience, I help companies and individuals grow their online brands.

How I became a Marketer

It all started when I was 14. While I was managing social media accounts for a sports club, I found my passion for Online Media and Content Creation.

That’s when I found out that studying Communication and Media would be the right fit for me. I received my International Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Media (2016-2019), and my Master’s in Media and Business (2019-2020), both at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I also studied at the University of Calgary (2018) for a couple of months.

As I was learning more about Communication and Media, my passion for Marketing grew. I just love how you can connect both companies and consumers by creating content that’s valuable for both. And that’s why I launched my own small business in 2017.

My career — It’s been a journey

With 4 years of running my own business, 4 months of interning at a Dutch NPO, 6 months of full-time experience at an international FCMG brand and a sports brand, I’ve learned the ins and outs of Marketing, Communication and Content Creation

But 2021 has been difficult for me. I’ve been laid off in February as result of the COVID-19 crisis and I’ve had a tough time looking for new opportunities. As of now,  I’m ready to help Companies and Entrepreneurs build and execute their Marketing strategies!

Not sitting still, but still learning

During my unemployment, I didn’t sit still: I continued consuming and creating Marketing content, and by doing so, I continued improving my Marketing knowledge and skills

Reading a lot of Marketing books and articles have helped me learn more about SEO, Copywriting and Marketing Pyschology. I also continued creating, by publishing Dutch and English blogs on my personal website, and by sharing content on my personal Social Media profiles.

Twitter: Learning, networking and sharing

You can mainly find me on Twitter. I use that platform to engage with other Marketers and to learn from them. By using that platform, I’ve learned how to write concise and captivating copy. Twitter has also taught me what successful Community Building means. And I’m not done learning yet. Everyday, I learn new insights about Marketing, Media and self-development.

My personal hobbies

Being a Marketer isn’t my only personality trait: I love traveling and photography too. And over the last months, I’ve refound my passion for writing and reading.

I love visiting the busiest cities and the most quiet National Parks. One of my dreams is to go back to Canada or the U.S., so that I can spend time doing hikes and taking pictures of wildlife, like bears! I’ve already visited a lot of European cities too, like Paris, Copenhagen, Milano, Barcelona, Warsaw, Rome, and Istanbul. And obviously I always have my camera with me: My Nikon D5300! If you want to see my best travel pictures, make sure to follow my Instagram profile! !

Now, enough about me. I’d love to hear more about you! So let’s connect and talk about interesting topics, whether it’s Marketing, Traveling, or Photography!

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