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Hi! I'm Jelle. Online Marketer and the owner of SociJel. I regularly write blogs about Marketing, Media and Creativity. I do this so that I can practice my writing, learn more about Marketing, and to teach you something! A win-win-win situation, right?


Content Marketing: Treat writing like a boxing workout class.

, 14-May-2022

The company I work for offers free boxing classes every week. Even though I hate going to the gym, boxing sounded interesting. So I gave it a shot and I like it. Since then, you’ll see me reading, writing or boxing during my free evenings.  Recently, I had a weird shower thought: boxing classes and […]

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Creating Content: Stop worrying about results, just enjoy the game

, 9-May-2022

Here’s a note to self: Start enjoying your own content first before worrying about results. Today felt like an irrelevant day. I didn’t feel too productive and I’m still trying to find myself in a new city. I didn’t have a lot of social contact this day, either. Oh well, at least the sun was […]

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5 thoughts that will change your view on writing a shitty draft

, 12-April-2022

Two months into my new job, I remember how difficult writing content is. You need to build experience and courage — especially when you write about a product you haven’t written about before. After 2 months, I have about 30 drafts stored on my laptop. I could have initiated and finished more pieces of marketing […]

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What Reddit’s fun but chaotic r/place teaches us about online communities

, 5-April-2022

What happens when you give millions of people one white sheet to draw on? Chaos happens — But it’s coordinated chaos. In April, Reddit launched the second edition of r/place, a large community-led project. Millions of Redditors transformed a white canvas into a chaotic but colourful piece of art. As I’m writing this piece, the […]

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What Marketers can learn from an Olympic speed skater

, 10-February-2022

While watching the Winter Olympics, I’m baffled by how skilled and talented athletes are. Their accomplishments seem 10 times more special compared to mine. Recently, I realize that Olympic athletes and non-athletes look alike: We all have goals in mind, we all make efforts to achieve them, and many of us get caught up in […]

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Is traditional media really dead?

, 18-January-2022

Have you ever called a media platform “dead?” Well, some Marketers, Strategists and Thought leaders have! And with ‘dead’ they refer to the decreasing popularity of platforms like Linear TV, Radio and Organic Social Media. As result, it’s less interesting for Marketers and Advertisers to spend time and money on these platforms… …But are ‘dead’ […]

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I hate New Year’s Resolutions and here’s why:

, 4-January-2022

I hate January 1st, because it’s the day to start working on New Year’s Resolutions. And trust me: I’ve failed most of them. And maybe you have, too. Even though many of us strive to do better every year, most of us fail our New Year’s Resolutions every time. In fact, there is a day […]

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8 useful ways to optimize your Twitter timeline

, 21-December-2021

Twitter is a great platform. You can meet, learn from, and have fun with many amazing people. If you’re a Twitter newbie, you might be hesitant or sceptical about Twitter. Don’t worry, I had this feeling too when I started back in 2020. But if you follow the right people, curate your timeline and use […]

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6 ways to make your job hunt more sustainable

, 20-December-2021

I spy with my little eye and it looks like a nerve-wracking and gut-wrenching activity -“The job hunt?” Bingo! The job hunt is stressful. It’s an insecure period where you’re competing with other job seekers and where you’ll likely face a couple of rejections down the road.  Now, I can’t make the job hunt easy […]

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Twitter’s Thanksgiving Extravaganza

, 26-November-2021

Last Thursday, the United States celebrated Thanksgiving. It’s a day of giving thanks and to come together with family and friends. And obviously, Thanksgiving allows brands to unleash their creative selves and create holiday-themed Tweets. Let’s take a look at some of my favourite brand Tweets. Sharing thankfulness One of the Thanksgiving traditons is to […]

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