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What community managers do and why they matter

, 23-January-2023

Today (January 23th) is Community Manager Appreciation Day. And community managers certainly deserve it. Their value is often overlooked, but community managers are the ones who build and maintain organizations of tight-knitted people, whether in a personal or professional setting. Community Managers add value to both the corporate world and to the lives of individuals. […]

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Your first impression matters a lot. Online and offline.

, 16-January-2023

Last Friday, I went to an international networking event, where I met a lot of new and familiar faces. Suddenly, someone approached me and said: “Hey, I think I know you!” “Really? How?” “I think we’re taking the same train to work. The 7.38 AM train to Eindhoven, isn’t it?” “Yeah, you’re right!” After that, […]

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Ease into your old and new habits

, 5-January-2023

So how are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Hanging in there or having a rough start? I can proudly announce that yesterday, I survived a workday on 1.5 hour of sleep, then ate a burger for dinner, and then slept from 9 PM to 6 AM. For someone who set the goal to wake up […]

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From lurker to creator – How to start sharing your voice online

, 2-January-2023

Do you scroll through your Linkedin or Twetter feed, read inspiring stories, and think “Hey, this could be me?” Do you feel like you’ve got something valuable to say, but decide to remain silent? That probably means you’re a lurker. And this is not bad at all, because 90% of the internet users are using […]

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‘Nothing much. I love it.’

, 30-December-2022

What have you been doing during the Christmas break? Nothing much? Cool, same here! And I have to say, I am truly enjoying it. I’d define myself as a person who can never sit still. I’ve practically used all my PTO days to travel abroad, discover new cities and meet new people. Traveling certainly is […]

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“So your writing is pretty good, huh.” But how did improve it?

, 29-December-2022

Someone from my local sports team asked me if I could create a social media post that reflects on 2022 and looks forward to 2023. After publishing the post, a fair amount of people messaged me to compliment me on/for my writing talent. Wait, so my writing is pretty good, huh? Do I have talent? […]

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Reflection: What on earth happened in 2022?

, 23-December-2022

As I’m reflecting on 2022, I can’t help but going back to December 2021. I recall how desperate and insecure I was back then:  unemployed since February 2021, having applied for many positions, and just being rejected for another role. Honestly, as I approached the holidays, I felt like giving up. But what on earth […]

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Navigating a chaotic good 2022

, 28-November-2022

My life is chaotic. Always has been. 2022 was chaotic good for me, but still chaotic. I’ve done, learned and experienced so many things this year. Sometimes, it’s difficult for me to keep track of what happened. As a result, I frequently got overwhelmed, and I forgot to reflect on all the positive things that […]

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“Champion? Not Champion?” Marketing lessons from #JapanGP 2022.

, 9-October-2022

This weekend, Max Verstappen won the Formula 1 World Championship, after finishing first in a rainy Suzuka. But the way he was crowned champion was a weird and confusing one. “Champion, not champion?” In the end, Verstappen indeed won the championship. But what a confusing end to a championship battle it was. Marketers can learn […]

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Imagine what 20 minutes of reading a day could bring you.

, 9-October-2022

We all know that reading helps us improve our knowledge and vocabulary. In a newspaper article on literacy, someone even suggests that children who read 20 minutes a day get in touch with 2 million words a year. Imagine by how much you could improve by just reading 20 minutes a day. For my current […]

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