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Hi! I'm Jelle. Online Marketer and the owner of SociJel. I regularly write blogs about Marketing, Media and Creativity. I do this so that I can practice my writing, learn more about Marketing, and to teach you something! A win-win-win situation, right?


The Rule of Recipocration explained by Pubquizzes and Pizza.

, 8-April-2021

Do you want to hear two interesting examples about Cialdini’s Rule of Reciprocity, or do you want to talk about pizza and pub quizzes? Well, in this blog I’ll talk about both. It’s a weird story, but I’m going to explain how Cialdini’s rule got me a pizza and how it got my aunt and […]

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The things you create and share matter.

, 4-April-2021

If you’re creating content: Good for you. You’re among the top 1% of internet users that add value to the online library called the internet. If you’re editing or updating content: Good for you. You’re part of the top 9% of internet users that distribute value. If you’re lurking: Good for you. You belong to […]

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Why you should separate writing and editing.

, 25-March-2021

Content Marketers are great at delivering creative content at a rapid pace. Yet, our creativity is often limited by procrastination, imposter syndrome and, most importantly, our nagging perfectionism.  In our process of creating content, we are picky about word choices, spelling mistakes and sentence structures as we search for the perfect way to convey our […]

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Why Frequency in Marketing does not equal Consistency.

, 23-March-2021

You’re not growing your business if you’re not being consistent, Marketing experts always say. Consistency is important. But we often wrongly define consistency as frequency. The concepts of consistency and frequency look alike, but they are not the same. But let me first underline the importance of frequency in Social Media Marketing. Without posting frequently […]

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Everytime I run out of ideas…

, 2-March-2021

Everytime I run out of ideas. I don’t worry. I know creativity ruts and writers blocks are part of the process. I’m not forcing myself into getting a new idea. It’s not like I won’t stop until I get a good idea. I just stop. Everytime I’m out of ideas. I shut off my computer. […]

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Why you should forget your academic writing style after graduating

, 28-February-2021

Writing isn’t just putting down words on paper. It is one of the most underestimated forms of persuasive communication. Yet the art of writing for persuasion seems to be an uncovered good. We don’t know how to write down clear, simple and persuasive sentences because High School and College haven’t taught us so. Junior Marketers, […]

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This blog was (partly) written under the shower

, 12-February-2021

Online Marketing and content creation require creativity. But even the most creative minds occasionally experience a creativity rut. If you find yourself unproductive, you can try to force yourself into creativity. But sometimes the best ideas arise during the most unexpected moments. I like the concept of shower thoughts. These are unusual thoughts or feelings […]

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Five Marketing takeaways from 2021’s Super Bowl advertisements

, 8-February-2021

Last Sunday was a great Sunday for all sport lovers: There were tons of ads being aired, the Weeknd had a halftime show in Tampa, and – oh – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers destroyed the Kansas City Chiefs in a 31-9 win. But everyone knows Marketers look at the Super Bowl from another perspective. So […]

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Let’s talk Super Bowl (ads) – 2021

, 6-February-2021

­ This Sunday, it’s time for 55th edition of the Super Bowl. And we all know what that means – Sports culture, pop culture and – most importantly – Super Bowl ads! With nearly 100 million people watching the Super Bowl, the event is lucrative for big brands, who spend millions of dollars on creating […]

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Introducing Instagram’s (Not so) newest feature. What will it bring?

, 6-August-2020

Social media news! This week, Instagram has officially released its newest addition: IG Reels. The feature is now implemented in Instagram’s mobile app and it is believed to be concurring with TikTok? The functions of IG Reels: What IG Reels offers? Well, essentially the same what is offered by TikTok. You create a short video, […]

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