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Five Marketing takeaways from 2021’s Super Bowl advertisements

, 8-February-2021

Last Sunday was a great Sunday for all sport lovers: There were tons of ads being aired, the Weeknd had a halftime show in Tampa, and – oh – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers destroyed the Kansas City Chiefs in a 31-9 win. But everyone knows Marketers look at the Super Bowl from another perspective. So […]

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Let’s talk Super Bowl (ads) – 2021

, 6-February-2021

­ This Sunday, it’s time for 55th edition of the Super Bowl. And we all know what that means – Sports culture, pop culture and – most importantly – Super Bowl ads! With nearly 100 million people watching the Super Bowl, the event is lucrative for big brands, who spend millions of dollars on creating […]

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Introducing Instagram’s (Not so) newest feature. What will it bring?

, 6-August-2020

Social media news! This week, Instagram has officially released its newest addition: IG Reels. The feature is now implemented in Instagram’s mobile app and it is believed to be concurring with TikTok? The functions of IG Reels: What IG Reels offers? Well, essentially the same what is offered by TikTok. You create a short video, […]

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Lessons Learned: Show yourself

, 30-July-2020

There we are again. Some work experience, a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts in the pocket. Ready for new adventures. Either as an employee of a company, or by continuing as a freelancer. I do not know yet. So, how has life been rolling over the past years? I have done some […]

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How a basketball bubble can result in increased engagement between athletes and fanbase.

, 17-July-2020

As result of the COVID-19 crisis, major sports events have been cancelled. Yet, a few major sports associations, such as the NBA, have announced that they will restart competition during summer. They will play in so-called ‘bubbles’, hub areas in which sports athletes will stay, sleep, practice and play for the remainder of the sports […]

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