Create and publish content for yourself

You might’ve noticed that I’ve been quite active on LinkedIn. I’ve been posting a lot on Twitter, too.

But what’s the point of creating so much content? Isn’t it a waste of time when your content doesn’t take off on Social Media?

Sometimes, yes. But I don’t create content with the purpose of getting likes and shares anymore. This is the main reason why I create and share a lot:

After months of writing, I now own a content library. This library includes everything I’ve written during the past few months. Think of Tweets, LinkedIn posts, blogs, pages, and swipefiles

Every piece of content I publish is a mix of my own takeaways and knowledge shared by others — like knowledge shared in books, podcasts and lectures.

I can reread my own content to remind myself of the things I’ve learned during my career. And I can reshare my own takeaways to help others as well.

Keep in mind that everything you create, publish and share online can be valuable. Your content isn’t only valuable to others. It’s valuable to yourself too.

But be aware: A succesful piece of content isn’t necessarily something that is liked and shared a lot. If you believe that every piece of content you create might help you — just you — in the future, I’d already consider that a big win. If your content can help others too, that’s great. And if your content suddenly takes off online, that’s nice too.

It’s great if your content can help others. But create for yourself first.