Marketer’s Survival File | Let’s deal with our struggles!

Our career path as Marketers and Creators is bumpy. You’re faced with creativity ruts, impostor syndrome and a lack of motivation on a consistent base. Sometimes it happens. It sucks. That’s why I created this document. To remind you of your worth. And to provide ourselves a document to which we can refer if we’re stuck.

Here’s a document, that hopefully provides us solutions whenever a creativity rut, imposter syndrome or lack of motivation has struck us.

Send your ideas, topics, problems, motivations and solutions to or via Twitter (DM). I want to update this document on a regular base, in order to provide better ideas, and to be able to help other creators out of their issues.

How to find your Creativity

As Marketers and content creators, we’re gifted with creativity. Sometimes, we’re not, You shouldn’t blame yourself for the times when you don’t produce anything. It’s normal. Creativity is like ebb and flow. And remember the following: If you’re in a creativity rut, you’re still creating more content than 99% of the entire internet.

What to do:

How to live with, and battle Impostor syndrome?

I know how annoying imposter syndrome can be. That lingering feeling can sneak in at any time: When you start a job, when you create something, or when something you’ve created didn’t bring the result you’ve expected.

All the time.

What to do:

How to get hyped again when you’re feeling down?

And sometimes you might have the feeling when you don’t feel motivated to execute these ideas. When you feel like the things you create don’t make sense. When you don’t feel like creating, because it takes a lot of time. When you’re just feeling down.

It’s time to get rid of these feelings. Because all the things you do matter. And I hope to hype you up

What to do

How to stay focused and overcome procrastination?

As content creators we are great procrastinators. Especially when we are faced with lots of tasks or larger projects. So what could we do to deal with our procrastination so that we can get the job done? Here are some ideas I gathered from other Marketers

What to do: