Your company deserves a strong brand

That's why I support entrepreneurs with setting up and executing a solid Online Marketing Strategy. Contact me for online advice and for delegating your Marketing strategy.

I help companies connect with consumers

With Marketing Strategies appealing to you and your audience.

Good Marketers know who their target audience is, how they behave, what they like and how to interact with them.

That’s because they spend a lot of time on researching consumer behaviour, engaging with stakeholders, and getting to know what works and what doesn’t

If you are a non-Marketer, you might experience trouble connecting with consumers because you don’t have the time, knowledge or experience.

If you find it difficult to effectively communicate to and with your consumers, I’m the right guy for you.

Who I am and why I launched SociJel

I’m Jelle, and I help entrepreneurs and companies connect with their audiences. I know how hard it is to effectively Market yourself if you don’t have the time, experience and creativity for it.

You probably have great ideas, products and services.

And when you talk to me, I’ll probably immediately see the value of your product. But the average consumer likely won’t, because:

  1. You don’t invest enough time into their website and social media profiles
  2. The benefits of products and services for consumers aren’t properly described
  3. You too often talk to the consumer instead of with the consumer
  4. Your communication about your product isn’t clear and concise enough.

Sounds relatable? That’s why I launched SociJel. I want to help companies and consumers understand each other.

I advise companies and create for them

These are some troubles you might experience when you do your own Marketing:

  • You might have your Marketing Plan straight, but lack the time to execute it yourself
  • You might want to invest time in Marketing, but don’t know how Social Media, SEO and Copywriting work
  • You might run out of ideas for good Marketing content

I can help you with these struggles

  • I advise Small Business owners about what they should do to create a succesful Online Brand.
  • I create blogs, Social Media Posts and Online Advertisements to support Content Strategies.
  • I brainstorm with Entrepreneurs to help them find new Marketing ideas for their own business.

I’m sure you’ll have some questions: I’m happy to answer them for you!

Straightforward steps to grow your website and social media strategy


Take your first step

And request a free 1-on-1 online session. Tell me what you want your reach, what your struggling with, and about which Marketing topics you want to know more


Doing research step by step

I will search for improvements to and new ideas for your Social Media profiles and your Website.


I'll tell you how to step up your game

In a second online session, I'll tell you which steps you could take to increase your online visibility. We can also brainstorm in order to come up with new and better ideas for your strategy.


This step is yours!

Use my advice when you continue executing your own strategy. I'll be your cheerleader and I will support you when necessary. You can also delegate your Online Marketing Strategy. Then, I will create content for you

These are the Marketing services I am offering:

Free 1-on-1 session

60-minute brainstorm

Do you want to know what the Marketing possibilities are for you? I temporarily offer a free 1-on-1 brainstorm session. In this session, we will discuss the current state of your brand's Marketing Strategy. I will also discuss with you what we can do for your organization. Will we meet soon?

Jelle Postma, CEO SociJel

Yes, Let's Zoom!


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