Say What? No time 🕐 , experience🧠 or creativity💡?

Those are exactly the three things you need if you want your brand to grow online. But don't worry! I can help you out by creating content, by giving you advice, and by hosting brainstorm sessions. This way, I can help you set up a solid Online Marketing Strategy!

Find out how I can help you

I know — Online Marketing is hard.

But it’s so Important

Hi, I’m Jelle. Your Online Marketer. After years of experience, I know how simple doing the job looks yet how hard it is. Time, knowledge and creativity. You should master all three of them, if you want to grow your brand through Online Marketing.

But I’ve met so many entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to create content, don’t know anything about how to market themselves, or simply ran out of ideas. And why blame them for that? They’ve got other things in mind. They are doing things they are good at.

That’s why I’m here: to help entrepreneurs and Small Businesses reduce the time-experience-creativity gap. To help those who can’t create content. To help those who want to learn more about Marketing. And to help those who want to become more creative.

So that they can set up and execute a thriving Online Marketing Strategy, with my support.

That’s what I do.

  • I teach
  • I create
  • I brainstorm

We’ve got the knowledge and experience to help you grow your business

Full of ideas

We’re creative minds, always open for a brainstorm session to solve your complex Marketing cases.


Assisting your strategy by creating and designing content for your website and social media channels.


Providing you knowledge and inspiration by writing blogs on a regular basis.


Ready to share the ins and outs of Online Marketing with you

This is how we can help you

Free 1-on-1 session

60-minute brainstorm

Do you want to know what the Marketing possibilities are for you? I temporarily offer a free 1-on-1 brainstorm session. In this session, we will discuss the current state of your brand's Marketing Strategy. I will also discuss with you what we can do for your organization. Will we meet soon?

Jelle Postma, CEO SociJel

Yes, Let's Zoom!


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Always ready to pitch you all different kinds of ideas, while your input is taken into account."

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He went above and beyond for our brands.

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Muhammed Annan, Writer

I loved your response and your kindness. Your knowledge has helped me alot.

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