Everytime I run out of ideas…

Everytime I run out of ideas. I don’t worry. I know creativity ruts and writers blocks are part of the process. I’m not forcing myself into getting a new idea. It’s not like I won’t stop until I get a good idea. I just stop.

Everytime I’m out of ideas. I shut off my computer. I go outside. Either by bike or by foot. I read, either a book or an interesting article I’ve found online. I listen to music, or an interesting podcast that shows up. I check my social media to see what’s happening.

Everytime I walk, bike, read, listen, or scroll through Social Media, a random idea pops up. And each time a random idea pops up, I write that down on my laptop, phone or notebook. With the knowledge that the random idea that popped up might not be perfect yet. But it’s an idea to elaborate on in the future.

And once I’ve gathered a bunch of random ideas, I start writing these ideas down yet again. To elaborate on them. To refine them. To find connections between them. To finalize them. To execute them and to publish them.

And then, after publishing these Ideas, I realize my creativity rut just lasted for an hour.

Once you run out of ideas, get away from your screen and do something different.

That’s all it takes to get creative again.