How to build a content library for yourself

More and more often the concept of a content library is being coined. Content libraries include documents that are considered as important by companies. It’s a perfect way for them to structure their Marketing. But did you know that you could build a content library for yourself too? Here’s how!

What is a content library?

A content library is an online library where you collect digital objects like images, blogs, social media posts, and videos. Businesses use content libraries in order to access, edit and publish brand documents. But if you build an online personal brand, you can create a content library for yourself too!

What is the process of making a content library?

Building a content library is a long-lasting and ongoing process. it takes time to collect, create and then organize ideas and content for your brand. When you start building, you might not notice the value of a content library. I’ve experienced that too. But after some time, you will notice that your efforts will be rewarded: You’re building a platform for yourself. And if you want to develop your personal brand, you can refer to that platform.

Now what should be included in your content library? That’s all up to you! But here are some ideas:

Note: You don’t have to download everything! You can also create hyperlinks to websites that display the content you like.

Why a content library is good for you:

Creating a content library will help you massively. Let’s take a step back here: You’ve created, gathered and executed content ideas, and you’ve put them into one file. This file will be your emergency kit. If you feel uninspired, look for content ideas, or want to repurpose earlier content, you can access your content library.

So track your content.

When you review everything you’ve made before, you’re reminded of the powerful ideas you’ve executed. New, better ideas for content will pop up too if you scroll through your old content.

This is how I’ve started my own content library

Over the past years, I’ve written, designed, recorded and published a lot:

I store this content into different places:

  1. My Social Media profiles are portfolios that are updated on a regular base
  2. I can access all of my blogs on my personal website
  3. I make screenshots of my most successful content and put them in an inspiration folder.

But I also gather content from other creators that inspire me. For instance, I bookmark a lot of Tweets from interesting Twitter Marketers. I also make notes when reading books or listening to podcasts. And I make screenshots of ads I find interesting.

So let’s start!

Let’s do this and build a content library! I’m sure it will benefit you in the long term. If you are interested in more creativity advice, why don’t you take a look at my latest blogs on creativity?