How to figure out if your contributions on Social Media matter?

How to figure out if our contributions on Social Media matter?

Many people I know are struggling with their online persona on Social Media. They’re doubting their self-worth, unsure of whether their online contributions are useful to anybody.

I’ve been experiencing this too. Yet, over the past year, I have been contributing on Linkedin and Twitter on a consistent basis. Why? Not because I’m here for the likes and engagement, but because I want to improve my Content Writing and Community Building skills. And, most importantly: Because I want to learn more about Marketing and Psychology.

So your main goal of publishing content should never be ‘Getting likes.’ But it is true that engagement on Social Media posts can help validating the value of your content.

As of recent, more and more people started liking and commenting on my posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. Do I say this to brag? Absolutely not. Does all this positivity give me a confidence boost? Yeah, kind of. The people who have liked, shared and commented on my content encourage me to keep creating. Not because of the engagement I get, but because they are (directly or indirectly) telling me to continue creating posts on Social Media. It’s because they find my posts valuable. 

What am I trying to say with this? Nothing much, really. But I did encounter a very important takeaway while I was following a webinar on Community building:

1 like equals 1 real person telling you they found your post valuable.

Yes. Know that everything you post online matters. And try to translate abstract metrics into ‘realistic results.’ Let’s use some examples:

On te one hand, numbers don’t matter: Being on Social Media isn’t about the likes and comments. It’s about sharing value with others and having fun with your connections. On the others hand, numbers do matter. Numbers can help creators in feeling validated. Statistics can prove that your strategy is working. And sometimes, comments, likes and follows can tell you that you’re doing something right. 

But sometimes, you have to turn that number into something real. Because even if you start very small, and just one person sees your piece of content, it’s still one real person who saw your content. And who knows, you might’ve helped that person with that piece of content you just published. 

You can help other creators feel worthy, too! Give them that like; share their content, or tell them you appreciate their work, by sending them a comment or Direct Message!