Is the Fleet Flop bringing in some money for Twitter?

It’s August 3 and the sad day has come: Twitter Fleets is no more. The feature that was introduced in November 2020 lived a short life.

In one of my earlier article I already praised Twitter for their courage: They tried something new, admitted that their feature didn’t work and actually deleted the feature instead of fixing something that couldn’t be fixed.

And maybe the entire Fleets Flop will work out positively for Twitter. Remember this Tweet?

That’s how they announced the upcoming removal of Fleets. And it became a very popular one, with 200K Retweets, 500K likes and more than 28K responses. Twitter users loved the sassy “We’re sorry or you’re welcome” response. The sentence even went viral for a short time, with people using the “We’re sorry or you’re welcome” sentence in their own tweets.

And now, Twitter is giving away merch that includes this specific sentence:

Unfortunately, it seems like Twitter isn’t actually putting their merch for sale. But they are giving away hoodies, candles and cups to a few Twitter users.

It would be an enormous shame if Twitter doesn’t continue with their “We’re sorry or you’re welcome”-merch. Because I’m sure I know a few Social Media Marketers who would wear this relatable sentence with pride.

So Twitter, could you rethink your decision, please?

I’m not sorry and you’re welcome!