It seems like brands are trying to tell us something

It seems like brands are trying to tell us something. I’m not sure what…Can you tell me?

Hmm…It might be…Fall! Summer is over, so it’s time for Halloween, falling Maple Leafs, Thanksgiving and Pumpkin Spice Latte! (Here’s why pumpkin spice latte is so popular, by the way).

Special events come with brands celebrating these events on social media! So lots of Twitter brands were celebrating the start of Fall Season on September 21st. Let me show you some examples and tell you why I like them so much!

Subway compares fall weather to their own footlong sandwiches: Both make them excited!

If you don’t like sweater weather, then you should try the hot Pringles Scorchin’ to feel the heat 365 days a year

Disney shows us the Magic of Fall. They share pictures of Disney Characters reaping apples, harvesting corn and pumpkins, baking a cake, and reading a book under a tree. With this post, Disney reminds us of how cute and peaceful Fall actually is. And obviously, they stayed on-brand by showing Disney princes and princesses!

Oh Lay’s. Shall I compare thee to an autumn’s day? 55 people responded to this post and showed us their typical Fall Lay’s Flavour.

There’s nothing better than inviting someone else to a Fall coffee date. Fancy a Pumpkin Spice Latte, anyone? By the way, this Tweet got 781 responses, 177 retweets and 2.4K likes.

And M&M’s are giving us a heads-up: Halloween is coming, so the cookies & screeem M&M’s are back on shelves soon!

Take some time to analyze these Tweets. See how all brands are jumping on the #FirstDayOfFall bandwagon and staying on-brand at the same time? Disney show their characters, Lay’s ask their followers to mention some Lay’s chips flavours, and Starbucks were inviting us for a coffee date at their own place.

You can post about a trending topic, like Christmas, World Chocolate Day, or the First Day of Fall. But you must always stay on-brand.