Jelle’s Personal Brand

In 2021, I’ve focused on building my personal brand on my website and on social media. I wanted to use this year to learn more about Marketing, Copywriting and SEO, connect with experienced Marketers, and to build my own personal portfolio.


I started a Twitter profile , which I use to share my own Marketing insights and to share insights from other Marketers. I regularly join Twitter Space sessions — social audio rooms where Marketers discuss about Marketing-related topics — take notes during these sessions and then turn these into threads. Doing this helps both me and my network learn more about all things Marketing, Creativity, and Content.

Because of my presence on Twitter:


I also regularly create and engage with content on LinkedIn


In 2021, I’ve published 59 blogs on (49 English blogs, 10 Dutch blogs). For most of the articles, the intention was to improve my long-form content writing and to create valuable content for other Marketers and non-Marketers. I also wrote a few blogs with the intention to rank high on Google.

Here are some of my most impactful pages and articles:



In 2021, I also started writing a newsletter, where I share Twitter insights and trends every week: Tweet, Trend, Thread. Right now, I have 25 subscribers after 9 published issues

Because of one of my newsletters, I was invited to a job interview, because the recruiters and hiring managers were impressed by my writing style.