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Hey I’m Jelle Postma, a 24 year old Marketer from the Netherlands with a passion for traveling, media and creativity. I’m currently looking for a Marketing position abroad (preferably Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing or Community Management).

On this page, you’ll find projects I’ve done in the past. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me:

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Long-term projects

Marketer Export – Verano® (February 2022 – now)

Key activities:



Freelancer – SociJel Marketing en Communicatie (2017-now)

I own SociJel Marketing & Communicatie, a small freelance Marketing company. As Freelancer, I help other Freelancers and small companies improve their Marketing. My tasks include, but are not limited to:

I started freelancing because I wanted to put my Marketing knowledge into practice while studying at the Erasmus University. 5 years later, I’ve seen many clients grow their brand, get more experienced in Marketing themselves, and bring in more customers as result of the campaigns we launched.

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Marketing and Communications Intern – Jarige Job Foundation (January 2018-May 2018)

The Jarige Job Foundation (Stichting Jarige Job), is a Dutch Nonprofit Organization, that creates and ships birthday packages to Dutch children whose parents cannot afford to give them a decent birthday. As a Marketing Intern, I was responsible for:

Marketing Assistant – Liquor Zaar (O.J. Beer and Recoverite) (September 2020-February 2021)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I worked remotely for Liquor Zaar. Liquor Zaar is a Dubai-based company, and is the owner of O.J. Beer and Recoverite. As a Marketing Assistant, I was responsible for the Social Media, SEO and Content for both brands.

For O.J. Beer, I:

Here are some blogs I wrote. These blogs were written with the intent to rank high on SEO. We also shared some of these blogs on our Social Media Pages.

Our vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free alcoholic drinks

Hard Seltzer is rapidly gaining popularity in Europe (ranks 1st page for ‘Hard Seltzer Europe)

What are hard seltzers and how are they brewed?

How to enjoy beer to the fullest in 7 steps

For Recoverite, I:

Freelance Projects

Here are some notable Freelance Projects: I’ve done as a Freelancer:

ZinhoDrion (2017)

ZinhoDrion is a Dutch fashion brand. It’s the first Social Media gig I did as a Freelancer. I managed the Social Media page, and created pictures and videos for that page. Thanks to my efforts

Fitclub24 Capelle: (2019)

A Dutch gym. I worked on their social media and updated a few of their website pages for SEO and accessibility.

Bodytec Claudia (2019-2020)

A dutch sports location that hosts EMS Bodytec classes and weight loss support groups. Bodytec was founded in 2019, so I was able to create their brand from scratch. I:

TonTuin (June 2021)

TonTuin is a water sustainability project set up by WaterLeider. WaterLeider recycles used water barrels and transforms them into rain barrels. Waterleider hosts events that drive awareness to the uses and benefits of the TonTuin rain barrels. I was asked to attend two events, and I created two videos for the brand. I was responsible for the script, the recording, and editing of the video.

  • Een TonTuin Maken in 7 stappen
  • Thanks to my effort:

    HostWebis (November 2021-now)

    Freelance project. Collaborating with another Marketer and a Graphic Designer to create valuable social media content for HostWebis, a server provider.

    Voluntary Projects

    Social Media Manager at Sports Club KCC (2014)

    KCC is a Dutch local korfball club located in Capelle aan den IJssel. In 2014, I joined the Social Media team. Since then, I’ve been managing all Social Media Channels, creating social media content and advertisements, and shooting pictures and recording videos. With the content I create, the sports organization is able to maintain relationships with existing members and attract new members.

    I have:

    This video I made and edited is used to promote the next sports event and to promote the companies who sponsor our team.

    Rotterdance (2018)

    A short University Project. We had to create a Social Media channel and a video to promote a cause. We decided to promote the city of Rotterdam and all the dance styles it has to offer.

    I was responsible for:

    The project brought us 60 likes on Facebook.

    Stichting Jarige Job (2018-now)

    After leaving the Jarige Job Foundation as intern, I’m still create content for the NPO. I find it important to support a good cause, and that’s why I spend a couple of days every year on shooting pictures and recording videos during their big events.

    The ‘Inpakmarathon’ is a 24-hour event where hundreds of people travel to Rotterdam to pack birthday boxes. Jarige Job can use the photos and videos to promote future events, to promote their brand identity and to drive likes and engagement to their YouTube and Social Media channels.

    My Personal Brand

    In 2021, I’ve focused on building my personal brand on my website and on social media. I wanted to use this year to learn more about Marketing, Copywriting and SEO, connect with experienced Marketers, and to build my own personal portfolio.

    What I’ve done:

    What I’ve gained

    What I’ve learned

    Check out a detailed overview of why and how I built a personal brand and how it has helped me, by clicking on the button below