This blog was (partly) written under the shower

Online Marketing and content creation require creativity. But even the most creative minds occasionally experience a creativity rut. If you find yourself unproductive, you can try to force yourself into creativity. But sometimes the best ideas arise during the most unexpected moments.

I like the concept of shower thoughts. These are unusual thoughts or feelings you have while you take a shower. As you are showering, you don’t focus on anything specific. You unconsciously let your mind wander, and as result – occasionally – your best ideas for your next project exist under the shower.

Believe me or not, but the idea of writing this blog was formed under the shower.

The concept of shower thoughts symbolizes the importance of regularly leaving your work desk throughout the day.

During a regular work day, we stare at our laptop screens from 9 to 5. Our minds are always on, as we force ourselves to search for the best ideas to create content, solve problems, and to grow our businesses. While focused working is useful for a productive office day, full-time focus hampers the development of truly creative ideas. We all know that feeling when we stare at a blank Word file and nothing happens, right?

When you’re out of ideas, it’s time to close your laptop and start doing other things. Going for a 30+ minute walk always works for me. It’s just a moment for me to get outside and enjoy nature. During my wander, my mind starts wandering as well. And suddenly the most random ideas appear out of nowhere.

I always make sure to have a notebook or my phone with me, so I can write down my thoughts and use them for later.

The point I’m trying to make in this short article, is that if you find yourself in a creativity rut, you should not force yourself into searching for that pitch-perfect idea. Give yourself some off time. Focus on doing something different for a short amount of time. For instance, go read a book, start journaling, read an article.

I assure you that the most creative ideas come to you at the most random times.

Can you recall the story of Archimedes? He was struggling with a complex issue on how to decide whether or not Hiero’s crown was made of pure gold. He found his Eureka moment while taking a bath. Now this doesn’t mean you should shower more than twice a day, but a 30-minute walk or reading session can do wonders as well.