Why Frequency in Marketing does not equal Consistency.

You’re not growing your business if you’re not being consistent, Marketing experts always say. Consistency is important. But we often wrongly define consistency as frequency. The concepts of consistency and frequency look alike, but they are not the same.

But let me first underline the importance of frequency in Social Media Marketing. Without posting frequently online, you’re not able to show your online brand on a frequent base. I see many people make the same mistake: They upload a lot of content in a short period, but a short while after, there isn’t any content being posted anymore.

Example 1: You don’t post on a frequent and consistent base. This means you post whenever you can and you’re not thinking about whether the content aligns with your brand identity.

What is necessary, then, is uploading social media content on a regular base. For instance, upload once, twice or thrice a week. Or post something once per two weeks. By posting frequently, your audience will know when to expect content from you.

Example 2: You post four times a week, so your online media presence is high and you’re posting on a frequent base. However, there is no clear structure in what your posts. Some posts (like the blue pentagon) don’t even align with your brand message.

But if you think that posting twice or thrice a week is being consistent, you’re making a mistake. Being consistent in Online Marketing means being consistent in what you post, not how often you post. So it’s great to post four times a week, but if two of your four posts don’t correlate with your brand message, posting four times a week is meaningless.

Example 3: You’re posting on a frequent and on a consistent base. People will know what content they expect from you and when. Your topics align with your brand message as well.

For instance: The green triangle could refer to informational content about your business. This content could be posted each Monday. The dark blue rectangle could refer to a meme about your company you post on thursday. The magenta circle could refer to a Q&A session you host each Friday.