Why Marketers love Twitter

As many of you know, I’ve become quite active on Twitter. There, I connect with hundreds of Marketers from across the world. Twitter is great, but what’s the value of using ‘this bird app’ for us Marketers? I’ve got some answers for you!

Twitter Thread from Brianne’s #BrandJam

This article is a more elaborate version of the Twitter thread I wrote during Brianne Flemming’s (@brianne2k) #BrandJam. Every Monday, she hosts a Twitter Audio Room, where people can talk bout Online Personal Branding. This time, we talked about the use of Twitter for our personal brands.

You can find the original Twitter thread below:

Twitter is underrated

Twitter is underrated. ‘Just’ 199 million people use the social media platform on a daily basis. Facebook has 1.9 billion daily users.

We often consider Twitter as a politics-only platform. But it’s way more than that: During 2020, Marketers from across the entire world found each other on this platform. A #MarketingTwitter community was formed. And since then, thousands of Marketers have joined the community, to learn from and have fun with each other.

The power of Twitter

During #BrandJam, we talked about how Twitter has helped us. Many speakers joined the stage and shared their experiences. This is how we defined Twitter:

  1. A place for Marketers
  2. Providing Career Opportunities
  3. Having a loyal and supportive community
  4. Providing opportunities for mentorship and learning
  5. motivating us to be ourselves
  6. Building friendships

Place for Marketers

We all started Tweeting for different reasons. Some started live Tweeting ‘The Bachelor’, others tweeted during major sports events. We all pivoted and slowly understood the benefits of Twitter.

Then, COVID-19 happened. We looked for a place where we could talk about Marketing. Especially when we couldn’t go to physical Marketing conferences and meet other Marketers anymore.

And talking about Marketing to your friends, family and colleagues is different. Most of them don’t understand what CTR, funnels and MQL mean. So we actively had to look for an online environment where we could talk about Marketing.

That environment was created on Twitter: The Marketing Twitter Community, where Marketers to learn from each other, to share their best Marketing jokes, and to hype each other up when we are faced with creativity rut, imposter syndrome, or a complex Facebook problem (It’s always Facebook).

How to get started?

Most Marketing Tweeps create and share daily. But starting your account is daunting. Here are some tips:

  1. Have fun and dive into the conversation.
  2. Don’t focus on metrics and growing an audience as quickly as possible.
  3. Just start Tweeting about the topics you like. You will find your audience.

Career opportunities

Yes, Twitter offers career opportunities. #BrandJam speakers spoke about how they found a job, how they recruited new employees and how they found their most fun freelance gigs on Twitter. Simply by connecting with other people.

It’s true: I even got two DMs while I was writing this article. They asked me if I was interested in a freelance opportunity.

How to get career opportunities on Twitter

Being proactive and showing up regularly helps. Recruiting companies and individuals reach out to those who stay at the forefront of their minds: The people who check in regularly, Tweet valuable insights, engage a lot, slide into the DMs. They get the opportunities.  

Supportive community

On Twitter, you don’t build an audience. You build friendships — A community that is ready to help you out when you need help the most.

Here’s a personal example: I’ve been looking for a job since February. The job hunt hasn’t been successful so far, with absurd rejections and feelings of imposter syndrome coming my way. But the Twitter community hyped me up. They motivated me and other Twitter users to keep going.  

Make sure to:

Build your community. Build strong relationships by interacting with other users. Help them and hype them up. Your community and strong connections come in very handy when you need the hype and help yourself.

Mentorship and learning

On Twitter, you can reach out to people you admire. Ask them for advice by sending a DM or by commenting on their Tweets. Don’t worry about an age or experience gap. Most people are more than willing to help you out and mentor you.

There are many people to learn from and lots of topics to learn about. Learn new perspectives on Marketing, receive Career Advice and learn about topics like mental health from the most experienced senior Marketers and most talented junior Marketers.

Where can you learn:

Being and showing yourself

Yes, you can be yourself on Twitter. There’s no need for being professional or showing your face. You can talk about your personal life, your hobbies and the things you’ve done during your weekends and holidays.

Keep in mind:

The real you is the most memorable one. Your personal characteristics, values, behaviours, and hobbies make you unique. So share them on Twitter. People will notice you and they will connect with you based on the shared interests


On Twitter, we’ve built friendships with Marketers worldwide. It all started online, through some DMs and Tweets. And slowly, #MarketingTwitter started meeting up offline and face-to-face as well.

We talk a lot about Marketing. But we talk about things we love too, like pop culture, sports and traveling. And the friendships that are built make the Twitter experience so valuable and rewarding.

So, why use Twitter?

While being yourself, you develop professionally and personally. The platform and the people make you feel like you are at home. You meet Marketers you would’ve never met otherwise. Build relationships with them, have fun with them, learn from them. That’s the Marketing Twitter experience.

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