The things you create and share matter.

If you’re creating content: Good for you. You’re among the top 1% of internet users that add value to the online library called the internet. If you’re editing or updating content: Good for you. You’re part of the top 9% of internet users that distribute value. If you’re lurking: Good for you. You belong to the 90% of internet users who lurk content.

But do you belong to the 90%-group of lurkers and are you doubting whether you should create and consume, or consume only? Then it’s time to leave that 90%-group as soon as possible. Because your contribution matters.

Our minds prevent ourselves from creating or contributing to content. Not because we’re bad creators. And not because we think we are bad creators. But because we think that the things we create and contribute to don’t matter to others. We often think that the ideas we share are taken for granted. As if our content is irrelevant to others. As if the things we create and share annoy other people.

Which is not the case. Every article you read, every piece of art you see, every video you watch, is created by humans who are just like you. Humans who might have been doubting whether they should share their creations too. These people decided to share their content, and they’ve found someone who appreciated their content, without even knowing. That ‘someone’ is you.

So if you’re unsure about sharing your next article, your next social media post, your next photo, your next website, your next product: Just share it.

And keep this in mind: When you share your content, you are contributing to a vast library of online value. Some might not find your content useful. It might even happen that you find your own content worthless. But know that there will be people coming across your social media profile, your website, your eBook, who will be very thankful for the moment they’re exposed to your content.  

And if you see someone who is doubting whether to create or not. Support them. And show appreciation when they’ve shared their content.

Because everyone’s contribution matters.